Alliance of MBTA Unions

Unions represented in the Alliance of MBTAunions

Local 589

Local 264

Local 717 and


Board of Directors

Francis Joyce, Presedent

John Keady Vice Presedent

Ed Reavey, Treasurer

Jim McCarthy Recording Secretary

Trifone Athasasiou

Michael Hogan

Eddie Nave

Mike Rivera

Margaret Roache

Tim Rooney

The Alliance is the Union representing the highest ranking officials responsible for running day to day operations at the M.B.T.A.

We have a variety of skill sets including all aspects of transportation as well as maintenance and rebuilding of infrasture.We posses all of the neccesary skills that are essential to a world class transportation agency

It is Important that all members contact their represetitivs and ask that they support House Bill .3334 which will if passed bring back the Pacheco law.

Please check the Anti Privitization page on this site for other information and updates.

147 West Fourth Street South Boston, Ma 02127

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Fax  -   617 268 3350

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